Editing A Page

Viewing Your Page in a Browser

Try It: View Your Page
Open the page you just created in a web browser. It should be blank.

Tip: You can just drag your file into the browser window or double-click it to load it!
As you edit your new page, you will want to see how it looks in a web browser, as it would to someone visiting your web site. First, open a browser, such as Safari on Macintosh or Internet Explorer on PC (there are many others). The easiest way to see your page is to drag the file into the browser window. Your browser should load your page. You can also choose "Open File" from inside your browser, navigate to your web folder, and choose the file to open.

Remember: Save and Reload
To see edits you've made, save your file in TextWrangler then click "Reload" or "Refresh" in your web browser.
After you have made changes to your file in the text editor and saved them, you will need to reload your page in the web browser to see the effects of those changes. If your page is already in the browser window, you can simply click the "Reload" or "Refresh" button.

Editing Your Page

Try It: Edit, View, Edit...
Practice going back and forth between editing the same file in TextWrangler and viewing it in your web browser.
If you just double click on an HTML, your computer will assume you want to view it in a web browser! To instead edit an HTML file you have closed:
  1. Open the TextWrangler application
  2. Navigate to your file using "Open" or find it under "Open Recent"
  3. Open the file. You will see that it appears in TextWrangler rather than in a web browser. Now you can edit it.

Viewing The "Source"

Tip: Use "View Source" to see the HTML source code of a web page.

Try It: View the source of this page!
Most browsers allow you to view the HTML source of a page by clicking the "View" menu and then something like "Page Source". This pops up a window displaying the HTML code that the browser is using to display the current page. This is a neat way to find out how a particular page is put together or see if changes you made have really been loaded.

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