Remember: HTML should be used to describe the organization of a page, not how it looks.
You may have noticed that HTML tags tell you more about what something means than how something looks. This is actually a deliberate decision and it is what HTML was designed for: describing the structure of a page and how it is organized instead of how it should look. A good example of this are header tags.

Try It: Add some header tags to your file.

Header tags

This is an <h1>

This is an <h3>

This is an <h6>
A header tag, such as <h1>, tells the browser you want it to display an important heading on your page. Most browsers display headers as bold, in a larger font size, and with a blank line above and below it. Header tags are container tags, so you put the text of your header between the <h1> and the </h1>.

The "1" in <h1> means this heading is as important as can be; it's at the highest level. You can also have <h2> which is a little less important, <h3>, which is less than that, and so on to <h6>. Most browsers make each of these a little smaller than the one before.

Try It: View the source of this page to see the <h1> tag.
The line of text that says "Headers" at the top of this page is inside a <h1>. You can actually see this is the case by viewing the source of this page!

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