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Youth Building ICT Fluency Through Design

Welcome to ICT4me!

ICT4me is an after school and summer youth-based curriculum for middle school youth to develop Information Communication and Technology (ICT) fluency, interest in mathematics, and knowledge of ICT careers. This problem-based curriculum capitalizes on youth interest in design and communication technologies. ICT4me provides structured interactions with ICT professionals, including having youth participate in engineering design and development teams. ICT4me's use of the design process, and a train-the-trainer approach to building STEM capacity in informal learning provides strategies for practitioners.

ICT4me's goals are to

  • motivate middle school youth to use technology and to build technology fluency.
  • increase youth interest in and desire to take high school algebra, geometry, and computer science courses in preparation for postsecondary STEM education and/or careers.
  • increase youth interest in ICT and ICT careers.
  • enhance staff capacity to provide ICT-fluency programming.

ICT4me was developed under NSF awards 1339181, 1232461, and 0524762. SRI is no longer supporting the development of ICT4me, so we wanted to make the materials available for wide use. The links below serve as a guide to the curriculum.



Build IT vs. ICT4me

ICT4me is a derivative of the Build IT curriculum co-developed between SRI International and Girls Inc. of Alameda County. Questions about the Girls Inc. implementation of Build IT can be directed to them at Girls Inc.




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