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Planning Time

Aside from reading and training for each unit, you will need to spend a few days before implementing each unit planning the ICT professionals site visits, buying or finding materials and technology, and preparing to teach the unit.

Before the unit

Plan on spending about 40 hours of time getting everything ready before the unit starts.
  • Several weeks before you start the unit, you will need to contact and schedule the ICT professionals site visits.
  • Take into account staff scheduling and finding a location for ICT4me.
  • Consider the youth you will recruit and how you will engage them.
  • You will need to read the unit in advance to extract the list of materials required. In some cases, you will need to purchase technology, such as software (e.g., Stagecast) or specialized materials (infrared pens), so give yourself enough time to get the materials.

During the unit

We estimate that facilitators will need at least one hour to prepare for teaching 2 hours worth of lessons. Some units will require more preparation time in advance (learning Stagecast or Scratch in Unit 5 or Ning / Edmodo in Unit 2) and others will require more preparation time on a weekly basis (such as the setting up of the Wii board interactive whiteboard in Unit 4). This time includes printing out and photocopying materials, downloading software to the computers, and reviewing youth's prior work.

After the unit—planning for next time

Managers and facilitators should reflect on activities and the unit as a whole. Discuss what you will do differently next time and make a plan for making sure those changes happen. For example, if you had trouble securing ICT professionals, what will you do differently next time for making sure you have their participation.


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