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Technology in ICT4me

The technology needed in ICT4me is minimal and flexible. Below we highlight specific software programs and applications in each unit that you may use. The Technology Guides for the units will provide guidelines for choosing new technology as them become available. The focus in ICT4me is on learning the ICT concepts and giving youth experience with a variety of technologies rather than using a lot of high-end tools.

For all units, you will need (1) one computer (PC or Mac) with high speed Internet access for every 2-3 participants; (2) any Web browser; (3) LCD projector; and (4) computers should all have a minimum of 50 MB of hard disk space and 64 MB of RAM.

For Units 3 and 6, youth will need TextWrangler or another free HTML editor for Mac, and WordPad or other free HTML editor for PC for writing HTML code. You will need access to an Internet server where you can make the youth websites public.

For Unit 2, youth will need access to Ning or Edmodo.

For Unit 4, you will need a Bluetooth-enabled computer. Most Mac OS X computers have Bluetooth. Use Wii remote whiteboard (for Mac or for Windows); Infrared LEDs; and Wii wireless remote control. In Unit 4, you will also need old phones--cell phones and telephones. Check out Earth911.com for a list of recycling places near you that have phones.

For Unit 5, youth will need a copy of Stagecast or Scratch to create their online games.

To see a list of materials, including technology, for each activity, download the units located in the curriculum section.


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