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Getting Ready

Welcome to ICT4me! We're glad you are considering using the ICT4me curriculum with your youth. ICT4me is a great learning experience for youth and staff, a lot of fun, and challenging. To help you meet those challenges, there are a few readiness factors you should consider before you begin staff training and implementation of the curriculum.

Staff committment. Having a team is critical to success with ICT4me. ICT4me works best with at least two staff members: one staff member to make contacts with ICT professionals, arrange fieldtrips, arrange professional development sessions, and provide support with the youth as needed, specifically on high technology use days. The other staff member is in charge of implementing the curriculum. Staff members need to be willing to learn to use new technologies, understand the design process, and be committed to learning to use the ICT4me curriculum.

Do Not Skip: ICT Professional experiences. Each unit should include a minimum of two interactions with ICT Professionals. These encounters are critical for encouraging youth’s interest in ICT careers.

Technology. Your site where participants engage with ICT4me must have a computer with high-speed Internet access for every two to three participants.

Curriculum hours. ICT4me works best if participants experience all six units in their entirety in order. However, the units are modular, with the exception that you should always start with Unit 1. Units can be shortened, if needed as follows:

Unit 1   Whole unit = 32 hours
Reduce to 22 hours by skipping weeks 2, 3, and 4 and shortening the presentations in weeks 9 and 10
Unit 2   Whole unit = 42 hours
Reduce to 26 hours by skipping weeks 9-13 and shortening the presentations in weeks 14 and 15
Unit 3   Whole unit = 48 hours
Reduce to 40 hours by doing less HTML
Unit 4   Whole unit = 32 hours
Reduce to 27 hours by shortening weeks 6, 8, and 9-11
Unit 5   Whole unit = 48 hours
Reduce to 40 hours by doing less object-oriented programming
Unit 6   Whole unit = 48 hours
Reduce to 40 hours by doing less HTML


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