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Performance Tasks

Performance tasks are activities that occur in the middle and at the end of each unit that allow youth to demonstrate to themselves and others how well they understand the concepts highlighted in the Big Ideas. The three types of performance tasks embedded in the curriculum enable youth to demonstrate what they know and can do include:

  1. activities in which youth give each other feedback on what they have developed and then iterate on their designs based on this feedback;
  2. culminating activities, such as Family Tech Nights, where youth present what they've learned to their families and communities;
  3. guides for group discussion and reflection on concepts highlighted in these activities.

The following table names each of the performance assessments, its type of tasks, the basic activity or technology experience, and the key concepts and skills to be learned.

Fourteen Performance Tasks Across Six Units in ICT4me


Performance Task

Concepts & Skills
Unit 1 Redesigning Your World
  Presenting Your Perfect Hangout Feedback & Culminating


Design a room


Design is a process; User needs

  Family Tech Night Culminating
Unit 2 Design Online
  Hosting a Gathering Feedback Blogs;
Online groups
Form &
Internet structure
  Post Here! Feedback
  Blog vs. Cyberclub? Culminating
  Family Tech Night Culminating
Unit 3 Redesigning the Web
  Deciphering an HTML page Applying what you've learned HTML;
Engineering conventions; Algorithmic thinking
  Presenting Your Website Feedback &
Unit 4 Designing the Network
  Designing a Network Feedback & Culminating Network devices and technologies Computer size; Network structure
  Family Tech Night Culminating
Unit 5 Collaborative Game Design
  Putting the Game Together Feedback & Culminating Oject-oriented programming game design Collaboration; Leadership; Troubleshooting; User needs
  Presenting the Game Culminating
  Family Tech Night Culminating
Unit 6 The Web Team
  Presenting to the Client Feedback & Culminating Website Collaboration; Leadership; User needs


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