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Youth Building ICT Fluency Through Design

Curriculum Overview

The curriculum consists of six units that incorporate problem-solving activities in which the youth critique and critically frame problems, guided practice in which youth participate in a software engineering process, and opportunities to redesign and troubleshoot available technologies. Each activity and unit builds on the previous; however, units and many activities can be used individually.

Program staff guide the activities. Design is used throughout the curriculum to reveal to the youth how technology functions at the user interface, code-base, and system levels, and the relationship of the functionality at each level to individual users' and societal needs.

Curriculum hours. ICT4me works best if participants experience all six units in their entirety in order. However, the units are modular, with the exception that you should always start with Unit 1. Units can be shortened, if needed as follows:

Unit 1   Whole unit = 32 hours
Reduce to 22 hours by skipping weeks 2, 3, and 4 and shortening the presentations in weeks 9 and 10
Unit 2   Whole unit = 42 hours
Reduce to 26 hours by skipping weeks 9-13 and shortening the presentations in weeks 14 and 15
Unit 3   Whole unit = 48 hours
Reduce to 40 hours by doing less HTML
Unit 4   Whole unit = 32 hours
Weeks 1-6; shorten weeks 9-11 = 16 hours
Unit 5   Whole unit = 48 hours
Reduce to 40 hours by doing less object-oriented programming
Unit 6   Whole unit = 48 hours
Reduce to 40 hours by doing less HTML


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