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Below are some tips and sample recruitment materials you can use to encourage youth to participate in ICT4me!

Tips for recruiting youth
  • Distribute flyers at schools, library and other places where tweens hang out.
  • Provide ICT4me Flyer and Description to adults. Give youth ICT4me for Youth document.
  • Offer incentives such as tokens for transportation, free lunch and time to meet new people.
  • Recruit at local community events.

Example Materials
  • Build IT Flyer (.pdf, 1.5 MB) includes statistics on the success of the ICT4me program to entice parents and school staff.
  • Build IT Description (.pdf, 286 KB) is written for an adult audience.
  • Introduction to Build IT (.pdf, 1.8 MB) provides details about the program for an adult audience.
  • PBS video of Build IT in action gives youth and adults a sense of the program and a chance to hear from youth, parents, and STEM professionals.
  • Build IT for youth includes example flyers created by Girls Inc. of Alameda County to recruit youth.
    • Build IT acceptance flyer (.pdf 460 KB, .pub 145 KB)
    • Build IT camp recruitment (.pdf 221 KB, .pub 830 KB)
    • Build IT camp recruitment 1 spa (.pdf 238 KB, .pub 832 KB)
    • Family night flyer (.pdf 266 KB, .pub 171 KB)
    • Spanish flyer (.pdf 355 KB, .pub 868 KB)
    • UPA Recruitment (.pdf 350 KB, .pub 855 KB)


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