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ICT4me requires a dynamic facilitator who embraces technology and interacts directly with the youth. ICT4me works best if this facilitator is supported by another person such as a manager, coordinator, or director. This second person is a second set of hands in the classroom on high technology use days, an organizer of ICT professional visits and field trips, and a provider of professional development and curriculum support.

The following documents give examples from our past work of job descriptions and performance goals for the facilitator and coordinator roles. Similar documents can be created for your use of ICT4me.


The coordinator role for ICT4me can be a full time or half time role if you have many sites with several facilitators implementing ICT4me. It can also be a part of someone’s job if you have one or two sites running ICT4me programming.

For more information about staffing ICT4me, see Engaging Staff.


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